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Elder Law

My parent is already in a nursing home.  Can you help us?
Absolutely.  We can work with your situation to help qualify for as many programs as available.

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Estate Planning

Do I really need an estate plan?
Absolutely.  Whether it’s simply life planning, or you have a number of other individuals who are relying on you for support, an estate plan is something everyone should have.  We can customize an estate plan to fit your needs.

Why isn’t the default in the law good enough?
The default rules do cover every possible scenario; however, they are not specific to anyone, and as such, everyone should have their own estate plan.

I’m young; do I need estate planning?
Absolutely.  Estate planning for young individuals is often closer to life planning.  You’re never too early to prepare for the unexpected.  At a minimum, a medical directive can be used to reflect your wishes.  Without these documents, others will make decisions on your behalf, which may not be what you would have wanted.  At a minimum, everyone should have a Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, and Property Power of Attorney.

I’m not rich; why do I need estate planning?
Estate planning covers a variety of situations and issues.  Care for minors is a major reason many people should have an estate plan.

I’m married, won’t everything just go to my spouse?
Many assets that are jointly owned will immediately pass to the other spouse.  However, one scenario that many couples do not consider is the possibility of simultaneous death.  An estate plan is highly recommended, especially if there are children or other dependents to be considered.

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