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Disabled Dependents

When you have a disabled dependent, estate planning can seem like a minor concern.  However, proper planning can ensure your dependent will receive the maximum benefits possible in the unfortunate event you are unable to provide assistance.  There are a variety of benefits available to disabled dependents.  In order to qualify for government benefits various rules and regulations must be followed.  In Missouri, MO HealthNet benefits can provide immense assistance to a family member, but you can jeopardize those benefits if you inadvertently disqualify your disabled dependent.

A special needs trust is a common tool to help disabled dependents, whether elderly or your children.  There are a number of other potential issues which must be considered, including designating a guardian, custodian and long term plan for the care for your disabled dependent.

Complying with the regulations can be complex and draining.  Rely on a competent attorney to help you with your estate plan tailored to your unique situation.

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